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you're a juvenile success, your face is a mess [entries|friends|calendar]

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[09 Feb 2005|10:28pm]
I got rid of my moody entry and opted for one that wont make me cringe when I reread it in a couple of weeks.
Let me just say this; I would appreciate a sane, normal relationship once in awhile. One that works itself without intense analyzing and worry on my part. One that proves it was worth something, and one in which everything is out on the table.
Anyways, the high-lights off the past couple of weeks have been:
-spending $200 on getting a million rolls of film processed
-having my apartment turned upside down by the moving process
-attracting two huge psychos into my life
-nursing drunks
-becoming best friends with a waiter named terrance
-spending time with people i miss toooo much
-having a new cute boy pop into the office and then having him disappear a couple of hours later
-the office being deserted because of fashion week, which led into many hours laminating things for fun
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[26 Nov 2004|01:20pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

thanksgiving was the best
i woke up at 5pm
ate the best thanksgiving dinner ever courtesy of my mom
and went back to sleep

wednesday was my birthday
i got into a car accident early in the night but everyone was fine
it was just such a shock
a truck slammed into the side of the cab while the door was open
all the glass on that side of the car shattered
and the door was completly warped
it was just like the car had erupted and then it was over
the police came and we left
the whole thing took like 20 minutes
then we went to dinner and a movie

tonight i am going out with my three favoritest people in the world and this makes me so giddy, its been awhile

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[20 Nov 2004|12:01am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

my partially interesting week:

monday was work, i was pretty much the only one there, and for the second time in a row had to do manual labor :( i also had to organize the-ultra-gay/my-ultra-non-sexual-crush photo editor's office area including his bookshelf which was primarily chipindale's calenders

tuesday i was sick and gross, but had plans to visit celine uptown for lunch at elro but then i couldn't and ended staying at home and taking an entire pack of non-effective homeopathic cold medicine that was well, not very effective

wednesday i was supposed to hang out with morgan and grace. grace picked me up, we sat around at virgin waiting for morgan who ended up having to go to dinner, and then went off somewhere on bleeker. on the train ride home i fell asleep and almost ended up in queens.

thursday was work again. i am finally doing a photo project at work and am super happy about this. celine and i met up afterwards and walked home.
that night i went to the opening of the moma which was amazing. there were apparently 4,000 people there. i saw matt dillon, isaac mizrahi, and tom brokaw (!). there were also a lot of socialites, but i wore my socialite outfit so i hopefully didn't look as misplaced and awkward as i felt. the building looks incredible now, and the exhibits were incredible, i was so knocked out by them. they have a ridiculous amount of picasso, and i really loved the chirico paintings and max ernst illustrations. i probably shouldn't even attempt to go into all the work they had because all the floors were huge and neverending and i just couldn't possibly get through it. i want to go back because i feel like i got so tired near the end that i couldn't appreciate everything. nadia apparently went as well, and i wish i had known this the night of.

today i had to get my photography portfolio together for my interviews tomorrow and tomorrow scares me. my cold has escalated and my throat is making me sound like a scared little boy.

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[18 Sep 2004|03:39pm]
[ mood | content ]

oh man, i'm so glad to be home.

i had a photo class today and i had to leave extra early because i needed to pick up my schedule since they didn't mail it to me, and it was POURING out. i got soaked within minutes even though i had an umbrella. and then all the trains just stopped working! i had to take a cab, and got there late for class.

the class seems good so far, better than the one i took awhile ago. actually, a lot better, since that teacher was an asshole. this guy who was at siren and annoyed the crap out of me is in it. he annoys me even more now that i have to listen to him talk endlessly, because he comments on everyyything (celine! i think you'll remember him from siren). otherwise the class seems quite good.

on the way back though, despite the fact that it seemed to be getting sunnier, it started raining again and the trains stopped working AGAIN. so i ended up spending $20 on cabs today. :(

i succumbed to ebay for new boots. the stupid urban outfitters ones totally got holes in the heels after like 1 day of wearing them, so i returned them.

other than that, nothing much has happened. its really quiet in my house and its raining again.

radio 4 pictures tomorrow, when i FINALLY figure out why my scanner is so weird

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my lj anniversary [10 Sep 2004|10:57am]
[ mood | excited ]

You purchased 1 ticket to:

Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY

Friday November 12, 2004 6:00 pm

Seat location: section FLOOR
Total Charge: $36.75

i'm a little sad i'm not going to the first date and the second instead. on! air! library! isn't playing that one, i don't really care about the secret machines though. i kind of wanted to buy tickets to both days and had to talk myself out of that.

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old lady problems part IV [30 Aug 2004|09:36pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I didn't watch the whole thing, but from what I understand, Britney Spears didn't win anything at the Video Music Awards, which is just stupid. "Toxic" was probably one of the best pop songs I've heard in a long long time.

Today was a busy day by my standards. I braved 34th street in the midst of the convention chaos in search of boots, but came back empty handed. The pointy ones made my feet look giant and the nonpointy ones looked kind of like Uggs if you looked at them too quickly. I did get a nice shirt downtown though and scraped together enough money for a bike which I will hopefully be purchasing this week.

I feel so old! My HIP has been killing me. I thought people my age didn't get hip problems.

I'm excited to see this movie:


I'm debating spending $20 to go see the Decemberists. I think I might cave and go. I hate expensive shows!

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the "however, I still..." post [20 Aug 2004|04:02am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Do not rent "Nightwatch."
Seriously, I will be having nightmares about this movie for the rest of my life.

It recently came to my attention that for a very very long time, I have been refusing to listen to stellastarr* because I was confusing them with Starsailor (whom I really don't like). However, I still think go through fits of anger about how stupid I think their name is.

I have to take everything off my iPod and send it in for repairs. This will be an insane task to complete. What $30 shipping charges will get you, is that they come pick it up for you. They also send you a box which is mainly blue foam, with a little cut out area where your iPod fits in. It's all very douchey and Apple like, but a hell of a lot of convenience. However, I still hate both Apple and my iPod.

I bought two very striped shirts the other day for way cheap and I'm quite delighted by this.

I'm so scared I didn't pass my chem test, AGAIN. At the beginning of the test I was all "shit, this is so easy, I know this stuff." Cut to 2 hours into the test and I am TREMBLING from the air conditioning and very certain I will not be able to finish this and so completly lost I had to give answers I knew were wrong. I was the LAST person out of there and thought I was going to cry. I HATE SCIENCE SO MUCH.

Recently, I have become more preoccupied with my cat. I have potential to become a crazy cat lady. I have pretty much convinced myself my cat is the only thing I can depend on. I even got her a new bouncy ball to play with, because seriously, fuck people. My cat is way better than most people. Yay cat!

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[16 Aug 2004|10:13pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

Okay, so I failed my state test in Chemistry in June. Thus I am taking it over tomorrow. I failed by one point which is aggravating enough, but none the more aggravating than my total apathy towards this test. I have barely studied this summer, only making it through 2 chapters of my test review book, and SHOULD be studying more now but am too taken up by...nothing.

There's a Mase record release party at Webster Hall. For those who aren't up to date, Mase is back. And for those who are silly enough to not care, you obviously were not a a young lass writing for your school's zine in which you had to fight for dibs on the scandal of Mase quitting rapping to become a pastor. So screw you.

ps- to anyone who knows, was there a Libertines show today? I know there is one tomorrow, but people are talking and I'm confused.

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[16 Aug 2004|02:39am]
[ mood | ...for kittens ]

Okay seriously, what is with you cat haters? Did you lose your souls or something? Is there no blood pumping through your veins?

one more Collapse )

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[13 Aug 2004|11:33pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Dear Summer of 2004,
You suck.

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please enjoy summer more for soon you will be back to hating a lot of things [07 Aug 2004|02:02am]
i finally managed to get past my hatred of the first 10 minutes of donnie darko and actually watched the entire thing, only to find myself, as i guess everyone who watches it, wayyy to sucked into what the hell happens in that movie. i didn't enjoy it exceptionally or anything i just really wanted to understand it. so i ended up watching it all over again with commentary and then the deleted scenes. as i understand the director's cut is out now, but i don't know if i care to go after watching the dvd. on another incredibly late movie viewing note, i rented kill bill. i also watched the shining while trying to keep a puppy from biting my face off. but puppy and i made up, we're good now.

there are so many shows i want to go to in the coming month. ratatat, tv on the radio (with the faint!), scissor sisters, french kicks, etc etc. i made $74 off of coinstar (bless that machine and penny collections) but i can see myself losing it in the very near future. :( sometimes i think i can control myself but then for example, i saw the french kicks on tv and turned to mush.

also, not that its anything to brag about finding, but michael tapper aka we are scientists-drummer-who-i am-in-love-with has a myspace that i find myself browsing the pictures of all too often. i am a full on creep.

oh and another thing! i hate ipods! mine is all messed up and i need to pay $30 even though its in warranty to get it fixed. i haven't had it for even a year and the thing totally dies on me. i'm scared it'll happen again while its out of warranty in which case i think it costs $100 to fix. daaaang.
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[02 Aug 2004|11:05pm]

Okay, I wrote this entry this morning in a fit of anger and just made it private because I didn't think anyone would be reading it anyway (its ridiculously long), and honestly I didn't want to piss anyone off with my sweeping generalizations. This is all very obvious stuff that's been said time and time again by almost everyone, but its just been pissing me off lately. I made it public because...well whatever, I just did.

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Curiosaaaa [01 Aug 2004|03:17pm]

After not sleeping Friday night, I headed uptown to go to Curiosa. We got there pretty early, and at first I was all excited and determined to see all the bands. But once they got to the Rapture I didn't feel like walking back and forth for performances I was only semi-interested in seeing. The Rapture, Interpol, and obviously the Cure were definetly my favorites. The shows just got increasingly good. Muse sounded really good, but I couldn't really see them. I saw Cooper Temple Clause and Mogwai too, but they didn't really do it for me. The lead singer of Cooper Temple Clause is hardcore English and looked like he was gonna kick everyone's ass. I took a lot of pictures. At one point I was sitting on the grass next to the gate that leads backstage and I saw a golf cart pass by with Robert Smith sitting in the back, smiling with his feet dangling. It was great. I'm so so soooo glad I saw them live. They were so good. Before going, I had heard people saying that Interpol had put on the best show and that the Cure wasn't all that great, but that was beyond bullshit. They were incredible. Oh! and Interpol played "Narc," "Evil," and "Slow Hands" from the new CD and that made me really happy. I think they added something to Narc, but I'm not too sure. Regardless, the new stuff sounded really good live.

Anyways, I put some of the pictures below. In an effort to get all my decent photos in one place and because I don't like posting random pictures on livejournal, I made a photo site, or "photo blog" as some might have it. From now on I'm putting most photos there, and the bulk of the Curiosa pictures are there too (including one too many sassy pictures of Carlos!), so if you want to see more, they're at www.stephanieborgs.com

CuriosaCollapse )

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Saturday, wait, Sunday always comes too late [29 Jul 2004|10:15pm]
Jul 31</font>
Isolated T-Storms 83°/74°

30 %



Heres to getting wet at Curiosa come this weekend. Not that the weather is putting a damper in seeing the Cure.

I'm waiting for too many things to happen.

ps- former labbies are everywhere! even on polaroid scene! what the hell?!
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[26 Jul 2004|01:55pm]
despite my being awake all of saturday night/sunday and falling asleep early last night, i still wake up past 1pm today. on a lovely day nonetheless.

yesterday, since i hadn't slept at all, i impressed myself by being up at 10am and doing laundry.

grace and i met up and went the dodgeball thing at volume. i'll admit i was more into for the bbq and not the game but after awhile i got sucked into that too. grace had to leave at some point, so i walked with her to the subway and then i walked around for a bit and wandered into some private property area by the river, got a slice of ridiculously expensive pizza, saw ryan, and found celine and went to the final game. my new definition of a hero is someone who can single handedly beat an entire dodgeball team. we walked back to manhattan and i fell asleep not long after going home. i'm having weird dreams lately. i hope they stop.

i'm still tired now.
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i submit my incentive was romance, that is the pole dance of the stars [10 Jul 2004|05:00pm]

i can't get enough of antics. i hate getting all mushy about music, but interpol is stunning. upon the first couple of listens, i didn't think antics was as good as turn on the bright lights, but it's growing on me. i can't wait to see them at curiosa. i've never gotten the chance to see them live, but i imagine their songs live would be just as amazing as they are recorded. last night i left "evil" playing on my computer, and my cleaning lady was here, and she called me this morning to ask what i was playing.

i'm settling into summer. i know its kind of late for that, but i finally feel like it is summer. i finally feel rid of everything that was tying me down previously. not just in terms of school and work and whatnot, but in terms of people. i tend to develop superficial relationships based more on obligation rather than any sort of friendship. i probably only have about 3 friends whose company i actually enjoy. i used to think that wasn't normal, but now i've settled into the fact that it's just better if i go through some sort of releasing of all the "friends" in my life that i don't really care for.

last night i went to officeops for rock 'n' rollerskate with we are scientists. on the way we saw adam green on the L and then we got lost, as usual, or not as usual since i've only been there twice, but the last time it took hours to get there because i thought the L wasn't running. this time we just walked in circles trying to listen for music and distinguish one familiar building from another. we kept running into the same boar's head factory which was creepy but i kept laughing thinking about all the cold cuts that must in there. we finally found it. there was no beck lookalike like last time, but i have a total crush on the drummer from we are scientists so i was fine with that. i got mad because the non-rollerskaters were just standing around regardless of whether the dj was playing or the band. grace and i danced for awhile, and then later we got some skates and i stumbled around lots and lots. on the way home there was this girl and this guy on the subway, and i thought the girl was familiar but turns out i should have been paying attention to the guy as i soon realized it was brian #2. when we got out he said "hi" and we made silly conversation.

i just had a good sandwich. mmm.

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[05 Jul 2004|10:45pm]
i'm developing a habit of writing entries on my journal and then realizing i don't care about what i'm writing and i doubt anyone else does. so i have nothing to write about anymore. that's all i had to say.

i spend my days doing either nothing or hopeless job searches and eating ice cream. sometimes i venture outside to do the same kind of thing in an outdoor environment, i.e. eating icies in the park or wandering around for hours at a time.

i heard one new interpol song, and i'm dying to hear more. i have no idea where to find anything though. i hate winmx.
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[30 Jun 2004|12:46am]
tonight felt like all the forces of the universe were out to keep me from doing anything interesting whatsoever. i was all excited because adam green was playing again and i've missed seeing him too many times to count in the past month. i was planning on going out with sheila and her irish cousin but those plans got nixed because irish cousin is also a douche. and nooooo one else could go. i decided to go alone until i realized the show was 21+. i've never been to sin-e so i honestly don't know how much they care, but i wasn't in the mood for any denials by mean door people. then i wanted to go to see napolean dynamite, but i realized i didn't have enough money. so instead i had ice cream and beer at some sushi place and now my stomach hurts and i am miffed and at home. i hate you tuesday night!
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[22 Jun 2004|01:33pm]


  • saw celine's new puppy yesterday
  • dropped off resume at a bunch of jobs
  • tomorrow is my last exam
  • found what sounds like a good paying waiting job with no experience needed
  • found my money
  • officially going to curiosa
  • trent is coming this weekend
  • not too good:

    • probably wont get a job at any of the places i left my resume at
    • my exam tomorrow is CHEMISTRY and i will definetly fail
    • the job will probably be gobbled up by college students, especially since i don't have time to drop my resume off there today
    • so close to being completly broke
    • not sure i can even do anything this weekend
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[18 Jun 2004|02:02am]

i had to take a regents exam today. and i know those are like the easiest things in the world blah blah blah, but i failed. down right failed. i spent too much time on one essay and barely wrote the second. i was practically embarassed to hand it in. afterwards i wallowed in sorrow with vicky and sheila at silver spurs. i need to stop eating so much junk food. sheila and i went to this really tacky store around washington square park and tried on the tacky dresses. only i didn't realize these were communal dressing rooms. there was this woman in there who would just stand there in a thong at stare at herself for 10 minute intervals. communal dressing rooms are so weird.

i need a good real job. my lack of funding for general life activities is ever so low.

i don't understand how surefire has 21+ shows, when most of them are in high school. ever since I found out they go to beacon, I've been dying to tell someone to trip one of them for me.

i'm debating going to see adam green tomorrow at mercury lounge. actually that's a lie. i really want to. but i don't know if i'll be able.

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